Author Spotlight- Interview with A.E. Bennett and Her Book- Serrulata Saga

Tell us about yourself and how we can connect with you. 

I’m A.E. Bennett – author of the Serrulata Saga. 





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Author A.E. Bennett combines elements from her favorite genres—fantasy, science fiction, and steamy romance—to create a unique story she hopes you’ll enjoy! 

Gathering of the Four is Book One of my Serrulata Saga. Currently, I have two more full length books planned and at least two romance novellas planned for the Serrulata Saga, but that could change. (Let’s be honest, I’m probably going to somehow find a way to add more books to the series.)

Book Blurb: In 4385, the United States is long gone…the Realm stands in its place…and one peasant woman will become the catalyst for a revolution. Leora of Mae is a young woman orphaned at birth and raised on a remote farm. As a wielder of Xanthcraft, her abilities set her apart from her adoptive family and the other villagers. Shortly before her twentieth birthday, she learns of her family’s plot to sell her into servitude. Fearing for her life, she flees from the only home she’s ever known.

As she runs, Leora meets Roland Shallowbrook, a traveler on the Thieves’ Road; Lady Aurora Verte, daughter of a powerful member of the gentry; and the White Rider Leopold, a soldier with a secret. 

Together, this found family will have to unite to survive. 

Set in the far future during the return of the Hale-Bopp comet, Gathering of the Four is the first book in the Serrulata Saga. 

How did you get started?

I used to make up stories for my younger brother with stuffed animals when we were both little. As I made my way through elementary school, I created this entire series of what I guess you could call comics, since I drew the pictures and had dialogue boxes and word bubbles instead of prose. The series followed a girl mermaid and all of the adventures she had under the sea. (I should note that Disney’s The Little Mermaid came out when I was seven; it was a formative movie for me.) 

When I was nine or ten, my parents got me the American Girl Doll Samantha, and the book that came with her. I eventually used my chore money to buy all of the books, but I got mad that they stopped after six volumes, so I started writing my own. Hooray for fanfic! 

In 1997, the Hale-Bopp comet arrived and I became pretty obsessed with it. After reading a lot of magazine and newspaper articles, I got the original idea for what is now Gathering of the Four. 

Do you connect with any of the characters in your book?

Each of my four main characters has some of me in them so, yes, I do connect with them in a way. I’m honestly not sure I could write them otherwise!

What is your favorite thing about being a blogger, writer, or author?

The freedom to control my own story is what’s best about being an author. I also like sharing what’s in my head, which might sound strange. I think my story is unique (like every other author—ha!) and the feedback I’ve gotten from readers so far has been positive. Hearing that someone else loves my characters just as much as I do is really something special.

What do you like to do for fun?

Other than writing and creating, I enjoy eating at new restaurants; exploring different neighborhoods around Washington, DC; hiking in urban parks; visiting museums; and traveling to places I’ve never been before. Oh! And I love reading other indie authors and promoting them if I connect with their work. (Pssst! Fellow indies! If your book is free on Kindle Unlimited, feel free to send it my way. I’ll certainly check it out to see if it’s a fit for my TBR.)

What projects are you working on right now?

My first romance novella—a prequel to Gathering of the Four—should be out by this holiday season, so once I get edits back from my editor, that will become my focus. For now, I am crafting Book Two of the Serrulata Saga (though I don’t think the first draft will be done until much later this year). 

Thank you A.E. Bennett for this lovely interview!

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Interview with Romance Writer Amy Jewell

Tell us about yourself and how we can connect with you.

I am Amy Jewell, a new writer on the scene. Now that my manuscript is finished, I have finalized and published my website ( and have worked on my social media pages. (Facebook and Twitter:  @AmyJewellAuthor) Readers can read my blog posts about reading and writing.

Between my blog and social media, I cover anything from tips that have helped me to what I have read along with a mini-review. They can also get to learn more about me on a more personal level and what my interests are outside of writing.

What is your favorite movie that was based on a book?

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. I care very much for animals and animal welfare. Growing up I remember learning about elephants and the threats they were under, and still are, because of poaching for their ivory, so they are an animal I am very fond of. When I found Sara Gruen’s book with ‘elephants’ mentioned in the title, and read the blurb, I knew it was a must-read. It’s a very emotional story and tissues were needed to dry a few tears at certain points in the book.

I’m not one for criticizing books and movies too much, if I enjoy it, it’s enough for me. I don’t read or watch them to pick out the tiny flaws that may appear. I felt the movie adaption was true to the book and the emotional parts, where I needed tissues, was heightened when seeing it visually on screen. I would recommend both the book and the movie.

What genre do you write in?

 Romance is the genre I have chosen to write in. I find it to be a very relatable genre. Although every writer has their own storyline to portray, there is always an aspect that can be appreciated or related to. Everyone falls in love at some point in their lives. The special someone they have feelings for may or may not reciprocate them and if they do, it may or may not work out long term. There are so many reasons why people fall in and out of love. For each of us, there is a story where we can say, “that bit sounds like what happened to me when…” That’s why I have chosen romance.

How did you get started with writing?

My journey of writing started about 18 months ago when I just decided to put pen to paper, or rather, fingers to keyboard. I had no idea what to expect when I started, other than I wanted to have a go at writing my own romance novel. The very basic details were there in my head, what the main characters were like and where they would work. As for the plot development, not a clue. I just typed and as I typed more ideas would flow as to what events would happen and how they would connect together. It will be interesting to see what an agent thinks of my completed manuscript, but I feel proud of myself for finishing it.

What is your favorite thing about being a blogger, writer, or author?

Words are powerful. They have a lot of influence whether it be factual writing as an evidence document or risk assessment, poems, speeches, or songs. Words form a major part of life. My aim is to give readers a chance to escape worry & involve themselves in a fictional world/storyline. Give them positive feelings, even if it only temporary.

What are you reading right now?

H is for Hawk by Helen MacDonald. I love birds of prey. They are such magnificent creatures and I spent time during my college years at a falconry center. Getting up close and personal to a bird as small as a kestrel, or as large as an imperial eagle gives such a thrill. It really helps you to appreciate the true splendor of their individual features. I did have a slightly shocking incident one day where the kestrel decided my hand looked like food when I went to untie it from its perch. For a tiny bird, they have a lot of power behind those feet. It’s this love of birds of prey that drew me to read H is for Hawk. I’m only a few chapters into it, but thoroughly enjoying it.

What is your favorite genre to read?

I will read anything except horror. You will see from my three favorite authors that it’s not just romance that I enjoy reading.

Who are your top three favorite authors?

I’ve read so many books but going by what I have on my bookshelf, I would say it would have to be Jo Nesbo, Nicholas Sparks, and Dan Brown.

What do you like to do for fun?

Listen to music, love anything and everything genre-wise. I try to find time to exercise. Love watching TV series and movies. Readers can find out more about what music artists and TV/movies are my favorites through my Facebook and Twitter pages.  Spending time with my toddler helping her to develop is what takes up the majority of my time. Being a parent is something truly special. You can’t appreciate how special until it happens. I’m pleased to say she loves books.

What projects are you working on right now?

Currently working at getting my completed manuscript prepared for sending to agents and planning a new novel. Working on blog posts for my website and promoting my social media pages.

Thank you Amy for this great interview!

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