Author Spotlight- Interview with Constantine Dhonau and his Poetry Memoir Collateral Intentions

Bio: Constantine was born in St. Petersburg, Florida, and raised by his mother and his aunt. A wholesome Boy Scout and frontman for Tampa ska/punk band: H1N1, he attended St. Petersburg College for his Associate of Arts and New College of Florida for his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. He escaped to Colorado in 2015 where he served with AmeriCorps and later pursued his dream to become a wilderness therapy field guide, completing 550 field days.

He enjoys writing,
tea, cooking, brooding, dancing, yoga,
astronomy reprehensibly long walks, movies, being outdoors
etc. & such forth.

THE ARGONAUTS (Nelson) meets SEE A GROWN MAN CRY/NOW WATCH HIM DIE (Rollins) in this raw & rattling Memoir-meets-Chapbook spanning more than 10 years of writing [50k words]! Rummagings of journals, shoebox scraps, forgotten notes, and letters to loved ones come together to tell one writer’s coming-of-age and his quest for unconditional self-love by dissecting his darkness. Each one-year chapter explores love, regret, identity, existence, ambition, depression, and the insanity of it all, neatly coming to a close with Constantine Dhonau’s fireside banter of contextual backstory for each chapter.

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Here are a few opinions (and I’d love to hear your honest thoughts too!):

“…a veritable gift of living poiesis for the soul…a divinely inspired offering of transparent truth and personal revelation born from a life-transforming encounter with all too often denied, and at times necessarily despised parts of oneself.”

“…exactly the kind of unpretentious yet sophisticated document that serves as both a spiritual handbook and an inspirational artifact.”

“Without fail, the compelling images, thoughts, and feelings, expressed through the self explorations of a young person straddling the thresholds of adolescence to adulthood have provided potent learnings into understanding what’s most important – how to be wholehearted and genuinely human.”

“Even now as I read the first page I laughed out loud. I think if you choose to buy this book, I believe you may find something in it to make you wonder, make you laugh, make you want to be a better person, and make you appreciate life just a little bit more.”

“…it peels back layers and defenses in one’s own psyche and relays the message of vulnerability that is universally common in being human and necessary in the journey of self-love.”

What is the name of your book and how did you get started?

Collateral Intentions started as a personal project to compile my writing from all the little stores I had it socked away, mostly scrawled across journals. In the process of retracing pages of myself and my life, I would casually talk about it with friends and strangers and I started getting requests to buy a copy once it was finished. Through the editing process, all these poems and letters still felt a bit “unsupported”. It didn’t seem enough to bring a comprehensive collection together. I started to get questions from readers, “How did you come up with this?”, “What was happening in your life?” and it clicked: poetic memoir hybrid. Each chapter is about one year of my life and ends with a snippet of what that year entailed: lessons learned, love risen and lost, developmental breakthroughs, the wild unknown, and the like. Now, it’s all polished and shiny for your dazzling, hungry eyes.

What inspires you?

Darkness has historically been a primary source of inspiration. For one, I am NOT a morning person. Never have been, probably never will be. I’m quite at peace with that. When I was a child my mom and I had daily fights in the morning to get me roused and moving. When I was a late teen my girlfriend and I had nocturnal flying squirrels as pets. I was typically one of a handful roaming my college campus in the hours before dawn. Darkness is peaceful for me. I also draw upon interior darkness. Those gritty, gristly places that are uncomfortable. I try to be with them when they come knocking and give them a voice, lest they end up trying to control me after ignoring them. That inner darkness brings me wisdom and understanding if I can meet it with acceptance. 

What does success look like to you?

Success as a writer means being able to look back at what I’ve created with surprise and delight. Success as an author means getting the book to a point that it begins to sell itself, generating passive income even in the most meager amount. Success as an artist means continuing to challenge the norms we live in, to shine a light on them enough to invite the question, “Are you sure this is what you want to be doing?”

What is your favorite movie that was based on a book?

Fight Club. One of the few movies that was as good or better than the book. I personally like the movie even more. The cinematography and soundtrack are fast-paced and alternative enough to keep me engaged beyond the long-winded rants Palahniuk has a tendency to fall into. Of course, it appeals to my baser inner-teen and the end gets me every time. The Pixies owe a great deal to that movie and vice versa. 

What genre do you write in?

I’m a poet. There. I said it. Feel free to let out your groans, facepalms, and long exhales. Poetry is accessible for me. I enjoy conveying complex things with elegant simplicity. More than that, it’s a habit similar to dieting. I’ll get really deep into it until I fall off then come back for a New Year’s resolution.

How do you attract new business?

Currently, I’m going around town and around the woods hiding copies of my book with bookmarks that have contact & payment information on them. Those are the places I like to go so I figure I should take it to the places I like so like-minded folk might find it. Plus, I just like hiding things and easter eggs and whatnot. It’s been fun (:

If you could have superpowers what would they be?

Teleportation. Hands-down, 100%. It would be so efficient. I could go anywhere instantly. See everything, eat anything, anywhere, any time. No travel time or costs. I could take people with me for instant squad vacations. With the right equipment, I could go to other planets, galaxies, maybe even dimensions. UGH. Yes. I would be a Teleport. And a cool one too, like Nightcrawler, who leaves this dark cloud whenever he poofs. 

What advice do you have for new writers just starting out?

Write what you like. Otherwise, readers will never get to decide whether or not they like your writing because you’re so busy trying to please everyone else. 

What helps you to stay motivated?

Acceptance. That kind of “wherever you go, that’s where you are” philosophy that meets each challenge and triumphs as a small step on a larger journey. I give up trying to understand everything all the time and what does it all mean? and I just smile when things do make sense or I get the feeling that they will soon.

What projects are you working on right now?

I won’t go into terrible detail…well, in fact, I won’t go into detail at all. I’m working on something completely different from Collateral Intentions. It’s something equally as dear and important to me. I’ve also got thoughts of a series very closely related to Collateral Intentions.

Any other information you would like to include for our readers?

This is my first book. I self-published. Full-disclosure. Poetry is a tough sell. People often want chapbooks of their old favorites or anthologies of the greatest of the great. Memoirs? Equally challenging. If you’re not Oprah Memoirphrey or Matthew McMemoirhey or some recovering homeless heroin addict who became a millionaire, people aren’t particularly interested. Combine the two and phew, I’ve got my work cut out for me. That said, we live in an extreme country in extreme times and increasingly extreme generations. It can be nice to come back down to earth and feel that connection that comes when someone’s not so different from us.

Thank you for having me!

Thank you Constantine for this lovely interview!

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Author Interview with Esther Racah

What inspires your writing?

My writing is a creative activity such as painting and composing music. Everything can inspire me, and it is a way to create a connection with the outer world once my introspective ideas take shape in poetry. It is a therapeutic tool, which allows me to express my emotions subtly and silently. As a shy introvert, I prefer to write rather than to speak. 

What does success look like to you?

Success is to be able to concretize ideas and dreams, creating something which can help society. To give a contribution which will remain as a meaningful legacy. 

What genre do you write in? If more than one how do you balance them?

I write introspective poetry and book reviews. Writing poetry is one of the most intimate ways to express feelings and moods. 

What was your favorite childhood book?

During my childhood, I always enjoyed reading books; hence I’ve become interested in literature. Being an avid reader, I love to write book reviews. At an early age, I started to read books in three languages: Italian, English, and French. And of course, I preferred to read fairy tales by The Grimm brothers, C. Perrault, H. C. Andersen, and J. Jacobs. Among my favorite fables which I was reading several times, I can list The Frog Prince, The Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Goldilocks, and The Three Bears. 

How did you get started with writing?

Years ago, I started to write poetry for myself to feel free and express my pains and sorrows. It was, and it is my therapy. For now, it is the way I can connect to others.

What is your favorite thing about being a blogger, writer, or author?                 

I love to work by myself and create something on my own. 

What are you reading right now?           

The Custom of the Country by Edith Wharton. 

If you could have superpowers what would they be?                                          

To fly everywhere I wish like a bird. 

What is your favorite genre to read?                                                      

Romance, Contemporary, Dystopian, Mystery, Historical Fiction, Memoir, Art, History, Travel, Humor. 

What is your favorite comfort food?                                                             

My comfort food is pasta, pizza, cakes, blini, vegan sushi. 

Who are your top three favorite authors?                                                          

My favourite authors are George Orwell, Virginia Woolf, William Makepeace Thackeray, Jane Austen, the Brönte sisters, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Alexander Pushkin, Thomas Mann.

If you could learn how to make any food what would it be?       

I want to learn to make the Pavlova cake, Black Forest cake and scones. 

What do you like to do for fun?                                                               

Listening to classical music and going to museums since I’m addicted to art. 

What is something about yourself most people don’t know?                                

I used to play the violin, and I was learning baroque violin. I still have two violins in Italy, which I miss a lot. I am a physicist who worked in university as a researcher for a long time. I have two passports (Italian and Israeli) with two different names. Hence in my scientific publications, I appear with another legal name. I’ve been in love with art since I was a child, and I studied art in school and by myself. I can stay in a museum all day long. I do love classical music and in particular baroque music. My native languages are two: Italian and English. In high school, I learnt Latin and Greek. I don’t have any tattoos. 

Any other information you would like to include to our readers?

My blog is

My Instagram is

My Twitter is

My Facebook page is

My Pinterest is

Thank you Esther for a lovely interview!

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Interview with Writer Keegan Lawrence

Let us know a little about yourself and how we can connect with you via website, blog, books, and social media sites.

My name is Keegan Lawrence and I do just about everything, but mostly I’m a writer. I’ve been writing since the age of four (when I first discovered a word processor on our dinosaur computer), and I work mainly in the genres of poetry, science fiction, and horror. You can connect with me on Twitter @KeeganLawrence_ and on Medium, @keeganlawrence.

What is your favorite food?

Anything cheesy! Namely, though, cheese pizza. I love pizza.

What is your favorite thing about being a blogger, writer, or author?

I love writing for many reasons, and I never know how to fully answer this question. My writing is a wild mixture of my experiences, beliefs, traumas, passions, and so on. So, I suppose my favorite thing about being a writer is that it makes me feel optimistic; if these characters have been through tough times and survived, I can survive too. If I dedicate my life to creating stories that I hope will inspire others in the way that certain stories have inspired me, I can consider my life “complete” in a way.

What advice do you have for new writers just starting out?

Never stop writing. Ever. Even if you think you’re terrible. Even if you think no one cares. I promise that with time and dedication, your writing will improve. There are billions of people in this world, and I fully believe that there’s someone out there who will love your writing, someone out there who will be touched by your work. Find your niche. Just don’t give up.

What has influenced you the most as a writer?

Other writers. I read a lot and watch a lot of television. I am constantly examining the works of other writers and immersing myself in their ideas because creativity is inspiring to me and love that there are people out there who are brave enough to tell the stories in their mind. Also, my past experiences are an inextricable influence on my writing. I don’t think my writing would be the same if I hadn’t been through a little bit of hell.

What does a typical day of writing look like for you?

In complete honesty, it depends on my mood. Sometimes I can write thousands of words in an hour, and other times I have to force myself to write. Mostly, it involves a lot of coffee.

What projects are you working on right now?

A few. I’m working on an interactive fiction story called Extradivine, which is about a man who dedicated his childhood to finding aliens and then, upon becoming an adult, became discouraged and stopped believing. Spoiler alert, though: he finds one. I’m also working on a science fiction novel called Virtue Force, which tells the story of a man who discovers that he has some terrifying superpowers, and joins a team of superheroes that might be secretly not so great. Both in their early stages, both very important to me.

Thank you Keegan for such a great interview! Be sure to check out his writings and social sites for more!

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Interview with Author and Poet David Vidales

What inspires your writing?

Almost all of my poems are based on personal experiences. I suffer from bipolar, anxiety and I am also a recovering addict just had my 4yr anniversary. I used to be embarrassed saying that, now I use those dark times in my life in my work. I want my readers to know regardless of it being depression, bipolar even addiction that there is a light at the end of your tunnel. 

What advice do you have for new writers just starting out?

No matter what people say about your work, no matter how many times someone may judge your work, do not stop. You use that to your benefit, you feed off of that make it inspire your work. 

What is something about yourself most people don’t know?

Wow as embarrassing as this is, there is only a handful of people that know this, I am extremely emotional since I got clean 4 years ago. There are times I will start crying over the smallest thing. 

What projects are you working on right now?

Right now I am working on my 3rd book titled “The Many Relationships of Mental Illness.” I’m giving readers a personal look at my battle with bipolar and depression to many years of being an addict all up to my sobriety. 

Tell us about yourself and how we can connect with you.

Right now I have my business of Dark Wonderland Poetry and recently started Dark Wonderland Publishing. You can visit my website @ You can also email me at

Thank you David for a wonderful Interview! Be sure to check out his website for more.

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Interview with Blogger and Novelist Cole

Let us know a little about yourself and how we can connect with you via website, blog, books, and social media sites.

I’m nearly 30 and I live in England! When I’m not bumbling about on the internet, I’m an English teacher for teenagers. In addition to writing and reading, I’m also very interested in video games, baking, cats, and comics.
I am currently working on a couple of historical LGBTQ+ novels and I also write poetry.
My blog is at and I’m on Twitter @/lordcoledemort

What is your favorite food?

I absolutely adore lasagna, and I could definitely eat it every single day. I’m trying to eat less meat, so I’m into vegetarian lasagna at the minute.

If you could learn how to make any food what would it be?

I’m a fairly chaotic baker, so I’d really like to learn how to make cakes and sweet things in the kitchen without causing total carnage. The last cake I made collapsed, so it’s clearly not something I’m good at!

What is your favorite genre to read?

I am obsessed with historical romance- Julia Quinn is a real favorite of mine. There’s something so comforting and fluffy about sinking into these stories.

What is your favorite movie that was based off a book?

Probably The Princess Bride! I love the characters and it’s so funny. The book is brilliant, too, but I think I might actually prefer the film (which is a bad writer thing to say)!

What are you reading right now?

I’m reading the second Nevermoor book- Wundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend, which is a lovely Young Adult light fantasy with big Harry Potter vibes. I’m really enjoying it.

What projects are you working on right now?

I’ve got two novels I’m working on, and I’m editing a third; I am not sure what I’m going to do with them when they’re done! I’m also writing poems and considering starting a short story project.

Thank you Cole for such a great interview. Be sure to check out her blog and Twitter page to see more!

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