ATTENTION-all author interviews have been moved to this new site!

For all the people that did interviews on my nosh blog I have changed over to a free WordPress address so I don’t pay for hosting on my old site. All the interviews from this site are still live just moved to this new address. Just go to the link and search for your name or scroll through to find it.

I ended my contract with Bluehost and all info on my previous site will be deleted at the end of the month on my address. Rest assured I moved everything over to this new site. You will have to update your links from this new site address. I had a great connection with all of you I didn’t want you to lose your interviews or all the work we did together. The new site will serve as an archive and I will leave it up for all of you to keep your publications. For those of you who donated money, I will be donating all of it to youth writing programs in the community. This is my final post.

I wish you, authors, in the writing community all the best, and thank you for everything!


workplace with laptop and opened diary
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