Author Spotlight- Interview with Thriller, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi Writer Rohan Elliott

Tell us about yourself and how we can connect with you (links, website, social pages)

Hi there everyone, I’m a West Australian writer that’s been writing in my spare time for almost a year now. I currently write short stories in a bunch of different genres but mainly Thrillers, Fantasy and Sci-Fi.

I’m also currently working on my first novel following the treasure hunter Chloe as she embarks on a globetrotting journey looking for the lost Spanish ship The Esperanza.

Asides from my short stories, I also do a weekly blog called The Writers Scrawl that covers everything pop culture with lists, reviews, first impressions and some more serious discussion pieces sprinkled in.

If you’re looking for some feedback on your work or some developmental editing, I’ve got that as well.

The links for all these here.

What would you like to promote? (Add links, description, photos)

I’d like to give a shoutout to the wonderful folks at Retro Replay. Not only do they have a great team of volunteer contributors to their blog (myself included) they also have a great podcast and weekly videos on YouTube and their site that you can check out here

What genre do you write in?

My short stories are a wide range of genres but I’ve got a couple of thrillers, some fantasy and sci-fi and even an adventure and horror stories. I enjoy writing in different genres as each has its own tropes and expectations that I can use and rework into something new and exciting.

How did you get started?

This entire adventure started back in high school, year 12, when we had a creative writing assignment to write a short story based on a prompt. We had ten weeks to work on the project and with a week to go I had no idea. I ended up panic writing my story in a couple of days and ended up getting the second highest mark in the class.

My teacher made a couple of notes that she enjoyed the story and that sparked a realisation in me that I could actually write. Then after high school, I ended up looking back at my short story and rewriting. That story eventually made it to my website as Hard Drive after quite a few rewrites and edits.

From then on, I’ve just been writing ever since and decided to start my website and blog almost a year ago.

What are you reading right now?

I’m currently reading a bunch of books at the same time all at different stages of completeness. The main ones are Frank Herbert’s Dune, Matthew Reilly’s The Tournament, and indie author Marco Ocram’s The Awful Truth About The Sushing Prize.

Who are your top three favorite authors?

1.    Matthew Reilly: I’ve had the opportunity to meet him twice now and his interview with Matt and Alex on Triple J is part of what inspired me to become a writer. His books were the first time I’d seen someone do fast paced action writing and made me realise that sort of writing can be done.

2.    Neil Gaiman: I first picked up Good Omens a couple of years ago and finished it within a couple of days. After that I bought American Gods and Stardust the very next day. His world and characters are always so unique and interesting to follow throughout the entirety of his books.

3.    Craig Silvey: A fellow West Australian author that’s not as prolific as the other two on the list (3 books over his career so far) but each of his books are at their heart, deeply personally stories for the characters that are genuinely heartbreaking in a way that I’ve never seen from any other author.

What is a typical day of writing look like for you?

At the moment I work full time so the only time I get to write is either after the work day at the afternoon, evening and night in some cases as well as the weekend.

I’ll normally try and write in bursts with some music or videos in on the background instead of dead silence.

What advice do you have for new writers just starting out?

The main piece of advice is not mine, but it is probably the most vital piece of advice you could offer to someone.

Don’t try and chase trends and write what you think people will want to read. Readers will see right through you and your book will fade into obscurity.

Instead, write what you enjoy reading and what you want to write. It may not get as much attention but readers will see your passion and the genuine love you have for your story and not dismiss it out of hand.

Thank you Rohan for this wonderful interview!

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  1. Hi Julie, Thanks so much for the great opportunity to participate in the interview.

    I had a great time talking with you about all things writing and I look forward to the next opportunity.


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