Author Spotlight- Interview with Juliane Weber and Her Book- Under the Emerald Sky

Tell us about yourself and how we can connect with you.

My name is Juliane Weber and I’m a scientist turned novelist, as well as a wife and mother to two boys. My debut novel is called Under the Emerald Sky. It’s the first book in The Irish Fortune Series, which is set in 19th century Ireland around the time of the Great Famine. Under the Emerald Sky tells the story of Quin, an Englishman who comes to Ireland, and Alannah, an Irishwoman whose brother hates the English, as they struggle to find happiness in a land plagued by poverty, social unrest, and political upheaval. It’s available on Amazon.

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You can read more about me and how I became a writer of historical fiction on my website and blog or follow me on social media, for snippets from my book and excerpts from upcoming projects:


How did you get started?

The first time I ever thought about writing a book was during my studies when I realized that I preferred writing about scientific research to doing it myself. I had also always been an avid reader and had just discovered the Outlander series of books by Diana Gabaldon. When I found out that Diana is a scientist turned novelist, I thought that perhaps one day, I might be able to write a book myself.

It took several years, though, until I finally got around to doing so. I had moved with my family from South Africa, where I had lived for most of my life, to Germany, where I was born, and suddenly, I just had to write – evidently to deal with the stress of it all! Knowing only that my hypothetical book would be a historical fiction novel, but not when or where the story would take place, I turned to Google for inspiration. When I came across the Irish Potato Famine I was immediately intrigued, as I liked the idea of the 19th century; I liked the idea of Ireland with its beautiful scenery, its myths, and its legends; and I liked the idea of writing about a historical period that hadn’t been written about as much as others. And so, the idea for Under the Emerald Sky was born.

What is your favorite thing about being a blogger, writer, or author?

I love being able to invent things freely, creating characters or killing them off as I please (apparently, I have a dark side…). Of course, I try my best to make my books historically accurate (as far as such a thing is possible), but other than that, I have free reign. It’s quite liberating!

What is your favorite genre to read?

I particularly enjoy reading historical fiction, but I do also frequently read thrillers and mysteries, as well as other books in different genres on occasion.

What is your favorite comfort food?

Answer: Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Although I do also just love food in general, it’s the (extremely!) rare day that passes without me eating at least a little bit of chocolate.

What do you like to do for fun?

On lazy days I love reading! But I also enjoy playing volleyball, which is often a family affair these days, my husband also plays, and the boys are learning to play too.

What is something about yourself most people don’t know?

Most people probably don’t know that I play the flute.

What projects are you working on right now?

I am working on the sequel to Under the Emerald Sky, which will be the second book in The Irish Fortune Series. This is where we really get to grips with the Irish Famine itself, but there’ll be plenty more to keep my readers entertained – romance, adventure, intrigue, trips to 19th century Dublin and London, and of course a good dose of Irish folklore and mythology to round things off.

Any other information you would like to include for our readers?

If you’re wondering if a scientist turned novelist includes some science in her writing, the answer is yes! Besides the bits and pieces of scientific lore dispersed throughout my writing, I have a whole section dedicated to science in the 19th century in my second book. You can read an excerpt on my blog:

Thank you Juliane for this lovely interview!

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